RiverBEAST 24

August 24th, 2024. 11am $10



Milwaukee's Eastside Bike Scramble Race and Ride!!!

Explore and race through to a series of checkpoints across Milwaukee's Eastside! The ride begins with the release of the checkpoint locations at 11am. From there, its up to participants to navigate their own route!  See the Ride Info page for more details!

All proceeds to benefit Sauce Milwaukee!!

“Sauce Milwaukee aims to aid individuals and families who find distress in the search for food, and the means to move and pr​epare it.”

Sauce was created in 2021 as a response to inequitable food access in Milwaukee. We take food that would be wasted from restaurants, grocery stores, and even the community - make vegan meals with it - and bike it around the city for free. We hope to make nutritious food delicious and accessible for all. 

What our 2023 riders had to say!